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Our plans for litters earlier this year didn't pan out... They say, if at first you don't succeed... Try! Try again! And that's just what we did!

We have 2 litters on the ground!
Bizzy & Larry - Whelped July 14 Click here
Riot & Gunar - Whelped July 27 Click here

Mouse & Pretzel - Due Nov 2018 click here

Cricket & JD - Postponed Early 2018 Click here
Aurora & JD - On hold til 2018 Click here

Click here for more details on these litters

Puppies will be available to competition and companion homes.

Please submit a questionaire to be considered.

Cheyenne Weimaraners breeds infrequently
and with a goal of improving the breed as a whole.

We breed less often than a lot of other breeders, preferring to focus on QUALITY rather than QUANTITY.
On average, one in four of our dogs have gone on to earn their Championship or other titles.
Our waiting list tends to fill up quickly once the puppies arrive. If we do not have a puppy available for you,
we will do our best to refer you to another reputable breeder.

Occasionally we have a young adults available.
These dogs are retired from competition or they are looking for someone
to take them on a new adventure.

Meet Kait! Kait came back to CW when her owners could no longer provide a suitable home for her. She listens well, takes treats politely, LOVES playing with toys, plays well with the younger dogs and doesn't challenge the bossy ones. She's been with us for 3 weeks and adjusted easily to the routine. Kait does have containment anxiety and doesn't do well in a crate. She is affectionate, but not clingy. She's very curious about cats, unphased by horses, and would do better in a home without small children, tweens and teens are fine.
Kait is from our 2012 litter between Koda & Pip. Kait's adoption fee is $600 which will go to pay for some dental work she needs and brig her up to date on basic vet care.

Previous Litters

Pip & JD - 2015 litter

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Pip & Jett - 2014 litter

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Aurora & Gunnie - 2014 litter

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Grace & Zack - 2013 litter

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True & Gunnie - 2012 litter

True & Gunnie Puppy Stacks

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Pip & Koda - 2012 litter

Pip & Koda Puppy Stacks

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Faith & Cool - 2011 litter

Faith & Cool Puppy Stacks

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Sparky & Goose - 2010 litter

Sparky & Goose 6 - 9 Week Stacks

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Sparky & Paparazzi - 2009 litter

Sparky X Papa 6 - 9 Week Stacks

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Sparky & Reko - 2007 litter

Please contact Christine Trujillo for more information.


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